Our User Experience team champions delightful experiences by partnering with customers and developers, ensuring that our software is intuitive and easy to use.

Customers, Get Involved

Our design goals are based 100% on your needs as an end user of our product, so our success depends heavily on our ongoing conversations and partnership with you. Join our Customer Research Program and take a survey to start sharing your feedback now!

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Our Design Philosophy

Our Guiding Values describe the Product Development Team’s approach to designing our experiences.


Focus on
Human Goals

Decisions founded in actual customer feedback.


to Customers

A consistent feedback rhythm inspires opportunities to delight.



Incremental changes minimize disruption.


Use a
Common Voice

Internal naming and language aligns with that of our customer.

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Our small, cross-functional teams work collaboratively and autonomously, which is why we truly believe AppFolio is on the top tier of user experience career opportunities.  We’re growing fast and constantly looking for new faces and perspectives to join our fast paced and passionate UX team!

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